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Today we offer a wide range of fire sensors with different ingress protection grads. In addition to the assembly in the engine compartment, there are applications of fire-fighting under the floor of the vehicle.










easy and simple


The heart of our fire detector is a very small bimetal disc. It breaks or makes an electrical contact at critical temperatures. No power supply is required, the sensor operates autonomously and is therefore EMC emission-free.


PDF download: >>MM-KO_LZ2_e 02





Smoke detector SMK





















fire detection system


For bus, coach and truck





























Fire detector SNS




Attach the SNS body with cable ties at the top of the engine

compartment and supply 24 VDC to the cable. Brown wire (1)

for plus blue wire (2) for masses. Check for visible bar code.


• Standard type has 5 fire sensors

• Option up to 6 engine boxes

• Up to 30 fire sensors could

  communicate with the display.









Fireless control platform





























PDF download: >> FDU_Fireless_e



Fire extinguisher system



Thanks to the close cooperation with our partner the company

ROTAREX FIRETEC, we can optionally combine our fire detection

with their reliable Compact Line fire extinguishing system.

The perfectly coordinated systems guarantee protection against

large losses of your vehicles and increases the safety for your

passengers in case of fire. Using our fireless remote diagnostics

too will reduce your maintenance costs nearly to zero.



PDF download:


>> Rotarex Installation and Maintenance Manual

















Testing and development


We perform constantly tests under realistic conditions if possible also in the engine compartments of our customers’ vehicles. The findings are helping us for the development of our products increasing the reliability of function during different applications. For checking the temperature profile during running of the vehicle we offer a data logger for rent or purchase.





Approvals / Certificates / Downloads


International certification bodies accomplished these test certificates:

Smoke detector or smoke and temperature detector (75°C) could be added to the FDU fire detection system. Power supply is either a 9 V battery or 24 VDC of the vehicle. At the display the message Caution or Warning appears according to the event.

For assembly read the bar code of the unit during the commissioning and chose the location out of a list. Up to 10 fire or smoke sensors can be associated with one system.

For retrofit select the 9V type with wireless communication. It is the easiest choice for assembly. Note: replace the battery every 12 months (XCell ER9V / P 1200 mAh).


The terminal for 24 V vehicle power supply is a plug with 300 mm long cables. Contact 1 is plus contact 2 masses.

For special application a Li Ion battery could be inserted in the battery compartment for buffering which is loaded when operating at 24 VDC.




PDF download:

>> FDU_SMK_WS01 9-24V_EN


>> FDU_SMK_WS02 24V_EN



Reliable fire detection

with certified products


spot temperature fire sensor MM-KO


When it comes to the safety of your passengers, it should be your utmost feasible to get everything which helps to reduce a bus fire and its consequences.


The most important point here is to buy enough time for the evacuation of passengers in the event of a fire in the engine compartment of the vehicles. The fire sensors used must therefore report the danger to the driver within a very short time after emergence.


Our engineers intensively deal with this challenge, which includes also the choice of the most suitable detector for the kind of application. Own tests and exams at internationally recognized certification bodies complement our work in research.


The first models of our fire detectors are successfully used since 2003 by international OEMs for temperature control of diesel engines.



European Bus Directive R107


The European Bus Directive R107 requests fire detectors in the engine compartment of Class M2 and M3 vehicles (bus and coach) signalizing a temperature leading to the ignition of flammable liquids (liquid or gas) which, in case of leakage, may come into contact with exposed components, e.g. the supercharger or the exhaust-system, including engine mounted components. In some countries it is mandatory to retrofit older vehicles with approved components.


The same regulation appears for compartments where a combustion heater is located.


The placement of the fire sensors have to be carefully made considering the thermal conditions in the engine compartment, as well as on air flow of the cooling fan. Areas in which the warm air dams, are particularly well suited for the positioning.


A horizontal distance of only a few inches from the fireplace can significantly extend the response time of the sensors. Avoid in any case the assembly directly to the chassis. There is a downstream in this area and therefore heats up very slowly. Simply use the proposed bracket or the flexible sensors of the FDU.



• BN 411 02 (D IN EN 50155 Pkt. 10.2

• EN 5121-3-2/9.00

• IEC 60529

• R107-5 R10


PDF download: >>IP65-certificate

PDF download: >>FDU_R10-5_cert

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